An XML application for keeping track of the movies I have seen.

Typical prefix (if needed) is mov eg. <mov:movies>...</mov:movie>



Elements defined
<movies xml:lang="xsd:string" /> (movie* | series* | collection*)
<movie rating="1|2|3|4|5" imdb="/tt[0-9]{7,}/" year="xsd:gYear" seenthat="xsd:integer" ignore="yes|no" /> (title+, ticket*)

Contains a single movie with title and IMDb reference etc. The seenthat attribute refers to that movie's ID on a site that might not work anymore. But I'm keeping it for now, just in case it comes back online.

<series /> (title+, season*)

Container for a TV series.

<collection name="xsd:string" /> (movie*)

Container for a collection of movies (e.g. movies that are part of a trilogy).

<season num="xsd:positiveInteger" /> (episode*)

Container for a list of episodes in a season.

<episode />
<title label="original|alternate" xml:lang="xsd:string" /> xsd:string

The movie's or the series' title. Use the xml:lang attribute to state the language if not english.

<ticket date="xsd:date" place="xsd:string" country="xsd:string" />

If I have the actual ticket from the cinema, this refers to it by date, place and country.